Recruitment Services for the Energy Industry

"The success of an organisation depends on the quality of its staff"
We have developed an extensive portfolio of energy industry recruitment solutions to meet the varying needs of our clients. Energy Industry recruitment is provided through two service level packages and a range of additional recruitment services. All services are applicable to the recruitment of permanent energy industry staff and consultants. We also provide systems to help energy industry companies optimize the value of their in-house skills and competencies. Please register for more information.
Market, Search and Select
Specialist energy industry recruitment consultants profile, market, search for and select suitable energy industry candidates for job assignments across a wide range of energy industry disciplines.
"Specialist Energy Industry recruitment consultants profile, market, search for and select potential candidates for diverse job assignments across a wide range of disciplines."
A personal service undertaken to identify client needs, attract potential candidates and secure suitable placements.

Matching jobseekers to vacancies takes into account a wide variety of information, including work permits, professional experience, acquired technical skills and competencies, qualifications, job preferences and salary expectations.

This proactive, targeted service incorporates selected recruiting strategies and includes:
  • Job profile development and preparation of “go-to-market” job spec for approval
  • Development and implementation of an agreed recruitment and marketing strategy
  • Database search, rank and select potential candidates
  • Extensive Advertising Strategy:
    • Posting of Job on WSL portal and placement on up to 20 other industry sites.
    • Job release on Social Networks.
    • Job Alert to appropriate active registered job seekers
  • Target potential candidates and engage in discussion and gain agreement for submission
  • Job Alert e-mailing service to registered candidates
  • Review and screen CV’s Cover Notes, previous Interview Reports of all applicants
  • Build and deliver shortlist of top candidates
  • Coordinate interview
  • Provide salary/remuneration advice, support negotiation to successful outcome
Executive Search Service
A discrete, highly pro-active, service to identify and engage experienced individuals for board level, senior management or highly specialised technical positions in the energy industry.
"A discrete, highly pro-active service to identify and recruit candidates for board level, senior management or highly specialised technical positions."

We pride ourselves on our ability to identify, attract and secure experienced professionals from senior level management to board level executives in the global marketplace.

This service leverages the experience of our senior level E&P recruitment consultants to identify professionals in the marketplace with the necessary knowledge and skills, and secure the best candidate to fit your organisation’s culture and growth objectives.

We will take the time to understand your business objectives, culture, drivers and value propositions. We will ask you questions, probe and even challenge as part of our focused strategy to secure the best professional.

This highly personal, discrete and customised service incorporates selected recruiting strategies and typically can include the following elements:
  • Employer needs analysis - document the technical, managerial and commercial qualities most suitable for the position
  • Preparation of the job spec and value proposition
  • Market research and analysis – an evaluation of the availability of candidates in the marketplace and their mobility including compensation and equity drivers
  • Preparation of Target list - based on in house records, market research and our extensive network of executives
  • Implementation of engagement strategies
  • Preparation of interview template – develop and agree with Client. Probes technical, managerial, motivational and cultural fit suitability
  • Conduct first line interview
  • Psychometric testing
  • Recommend shortlist to Client
  • Manage Client interviews and maintain engagement with stakeholders
  • High-level salary negotiation
  • Continuous monitoring, control and reporting
Complementary Energy Industry Recruitment Services
An extensive range of recruitment services to complement energy industry company human resourcing needs.
Working Smart’s Energy Industry experience enables us to support your Human Resourcing strategies:

Energy Industry Recruitment Campaigns: Research, design and implementation of effective energy industry campaigns to attract candidates with rare skills and experience, or suitability for work in specific locations or environments.

First line Interviewing: Conduct detailed interviews that assess technical capability, motivation, aptitude, and commitment. Interview templates prepared for the specific role and approved by the Client.

Psychometric Testing In conjunction with our certified psychometric consultant, we organise and manage all levels of assessment, including personality, reasoning, and aptitude for various job types.

Bespoke E&P talent management workshops: Workshops tailored to meet the specific needs of a company, delivered on or off-site. Typical workshop topics include aligning recruitment policy to business objectives, staff attraction, personnel selection and retention strategies.

Salary advice: Our online recruitment service captures the current and expected salaries of all our candidates in the energy industry. Clients can access this information through our real time Salary Survey Analysis service.

Education verification: We can obtain verification of candidates’ claimed education and qualifications.
Skills Management Solutions
Technologies to help energy industry companies manage and develop the skills and competencies of their staff.
Smart organisations must manage, develop and retain their staff whilst understanding the skills and experience available in the marketplace to support their evolving business needs. Working Smart leverages its unique skill-competency system to deliver tailored web based skills management solutions that addresses these challenges. Available management tools include:

Company skill-competency databank: Database and web data entry systems to capture and catalogue employee skills, competencies, ambitions and related information.

Skills identification: Flexible search and ranking tools to quickly identify employee availability, skills, preferences and suitability for potential projects.

Project resource specification: Web facilities to record human resource requirements for projects being planned, including specific skills and experience.

Internal resource planning: Matching of project needs with in-house capabilities and identifying skills gaps.

External resource search: Matching of project needs with external market resources, including:
  • Industry professionals seeking new permanent positions
  • Associates - consultants pre-qualified by Company
  • Other independent consultants

Monitoring, forecasting and control tools: enabling real-time strategic planning, real-time analysis and reporting.
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