Energy Industry Job Offers and Negotiation

Salary negotiation is one of the last steps in the job search process. It should not be an issue until the employer is ready to make you an offer. In fact, in most cases, you should never introduce the subject. A professional recruitment agency should ascertain your salary expectations in advance and ensure that you are only represented for jobs that are in keeping with your expectations.
It's never easy when you come to negotiating a salary with a future employer. However, in many cases there is room for negotiation. Before accepting a job offer, think carefully about what you want from the position in terms of:
  • Starting Salary
  • Relocation Allowances
  • Holiday Entitlement
  • Benefits Package - Pension, Bonus, Health, Dental, Share Options.
  • Eligibility for Employment - Medical, Exams, References.
Salary Negotiation - Do’s and Don’ts
After being offered the job, you may be delighted, ecstatic.... However, don't rush to accept the offer and don't feel presurised to accept immediately. Most employers will give you 1-3 weeks to accept. You need time to collect your thoughts and to clarify the details of the offer. Evaluate the offer in terms of your priorities, negotiate if you feel it is not market value, and determine whether the final offer is acceptable. Remember that most companies have a set graduate entry level salary so there may be little room for negotiation at this stage. Consider these points when evaluating/accepting a job offer:
  • Research the salary you expect for the job.
  • Be aware of your strengths and achievements - demonstrate their value.
  • Let the employer make the first salary offer.
  • If asked, your expectations should be a range you think is acceptable or “A salary that’s competitive with the current market”.
  • Delay salary negotiation until you fully understand the position and its requirements.
  • Discuss salary if the offer made is inadequate.
  • Discuss the salary before the employer does.
  • Price yourself out of the job.
  • Feel pressurised to accept the position immediately.
  • Focus on Base Salary - consider the overall package.
  • Become rigid/aggressive in negotiating the salary you want.
  • Play off one company against another.
  • Accept a verbal offer - get it in writing before committing. Gives you time to review the contract.

Remember your recruitment agency will assist you in the negotiation process.

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