Executive Search Service

"A discrete, highly pro-active service to identify and recruit candidates for board level, senior management or highly specialised technical positions."
We pride ourselves on our ability to identify, attract and secure experienced professionals from senior level management to board level executives in the global marketplace.

This service leverages the experience of our senior level E&P recruitment consultants to identify professionals in the marketplace with the necessary knowledge and skills, and secure the best candidate to fit your organisation’s culture and growth objectives.

We will take the time to understand your business objectives, culture, drivers and value propositions. We will ask you questions, probe and even challenge as part of our focused strategy to secure the best professional.

This highly personal, discrete and customised service incorporates selected recruiting strategies and typically can include the following elements:
  • Employer needs analysis - document the technical, managerial and commercial qualities most suitable for the position
  • Preparation of the job spec and value proposition
  • Market research and analysis – an evaluation of the availability of candidates in the marketplace and their mobility including compensation and equity drivers
  • Preparation of Target list - based on in house records, market research and our extensive network of executives
  • Implementation of engagement strategies
  • Preparation of interview template – develop and agree with Client. Probes technical, managerial, motivational and cultural fit suitability
  • Conduct first line interview
  • Psychometric testing
  • Recommend shortlist to Client
  • Manage Client interviews and maintain engagement with stakeholders
  • High-level salary negotiation
  • Continuous monitoring, control and reporting

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