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Results for Geoscientist Oil and Renewable Energy Staff
Your query matches 1739 Jobseekers currently looking for Oil and Renewable Energy Jobs. The first 10 are shown below.
Candidate Id: 66686 Profession: Geoscientist
Current Status: Contractor\Self Employed Preferred Status: Permanent or contract
Energy Industry Years: 21 Preferred Salary: EUR
Availability: 2 Weeks Preferred Title: HSE
Keywords: On and Offshore HSE Experienced
Profile: 28 yrs HSE Experienced CV

Candidate Id: 57077 Profession: Geoscientist
Current Status: Employed Preferred Status: Permanent
Energy Industry Years: 2 Preferred Salary: 30-35K GBP (150-200 GBP/day)
Availability: 3 Months Preferred Title: Reservoir software engineer
Keywords: Petroleum, software, engineer
Profile: An extremely ambitious, career driven young professional eager to apply the knowledge I have obtained during my academic career to innovative projects. I hold a first-class honors degree in Geophysics from University as well as a master’s degree in Reservoir Evaluation and Management. The combination of these two degrees has provided me with the ability to analyze complex geoscience and engineering data. I am a team player with experience within multidisciplinary and multicultural environments, capable of performing in a standalone capacity. Proactive attitude towards seeking more responsibilities, developing new skills and willing to embrace new challenges. Currently working within a large London seismic processing center involved in a multi-client 3D re-imaging programme offshore Brazil.

Candidate Id: 2817 Profession: Geoscientist
Current Status: Employed Preferred Status: Permanent or contract
Energy Industry Years: 29 Preferred Salary: 240-280K USD (1200-1300 EUR/day)
Availability: 2 Months Preferred Title:
Skills C/C++, Fortran, Python, Geoframe
Keywords: geomechanics, wellbore stability, pore pressure prediction, sand production, borehole seismic, Seismic Data Processing, VSP, 3DVSP, Sonic, DSI, AVO, inversion, anisotropy, fracture, shear, wireline, interpretation, attribute analysis, rock physics,
Profile: Principal Geophysicist and Geomechanics Specialist with 29 years of worldwide experience in pore pressure prediction,geomechanics, borehole seismic, sonic, petrophysics and well logging. Extensive experience in pore pressure prediction, rock physics, geomechanical studies in wellbore stability, sand production, stimulation, tight gas, shale gas and reservoir management, advanced VSP, walkaway, 3DVSP, seismic attribute analysis, etc., full waveform sonic. Presently Principal and group head Pore Pressure and Geomechanics for Petronas.

Candidate Id: 3368 Profession: Geoscientist
Current Status: Employed Preferred Status: Permanent
Energy Industry Years: 30 Preferred Salary: 90-100K EUR
Availability: 6 Months Preferred Title: Sr. Geoscientist
Skills ARCVIEW, Charisma, Egypt GOS, English, ffA SVI Pro software, French, GeoDepth, Geoframe, Geosec, Geoviz, German, GOM, Hampson Russell, Libya, MagicEarth, Nigeria, North Sea, Norway, OpenDtect, OpenWorks, PAL, Petrel, REP, Risk Analysis, RokDoc, SeisWorks, TDQ, Unix, ZMap
Keywords: Exploration, Production Geology, Field Development, Sequence Stratigraphy, Basin Analysis, Prestack Depth Migration, Clastic Sedimentology, Seismic Interpretation, Mapping, 3D visualization, Prospect Evaluation, New Venture, Petrel,
Profile: Enthusiastic, hardworking Senior Geologist, with 25 years industry experience matured both in Exploration and Development projects in North and West Africa, Europe and USA. Experience ranging from conventional 2D/3D seismic interpretation to 3D visualization, structural and sedimentological mapping, integration with well data and static model building using industry standard Petrel Software. New opportunities and prospect evaluation. Commercially focused with a sharp sense of business development. Seeking to continue career abroad in a Company with wide International activity.

Candidate Id: 63890 Profession: Geoscientist
Current Status: Contractor\Self Employed Preferred Status: Permanent or contract
Energy Industry Years: 14 Preferred Salary: 100-120K EUR (700-800 EUR/day)
Availability: 1 Month Preferred Title: Geoscientist
Keywords: Geology, Geomodeling, Data Management, GIS, Applications, Programming, Python, Django, Web Development, Databases, Visualisation, Workflows, Interpretation, Wireline Line Logging, Logging
Profile: A highly innovative serial self-starter with a unique skill set gained through various projects in Oil&Gas covering development geology, unconventional’ s and exploration. An expert geological modeller, mapper and applications specialist with an ability to self-teach applications very quickly. A master of data workflows and data integration, highly skilled programmer with experience building data analysis algorithms and databases.

Candidate Id: 66047 Profession: Geoscientist
Current Status: Employed Preferred Status: Permanent
Energy Industry Years: 2 Preferred Salary: 25-30K GBP
Availability: 1 Month Preferred Title: Geoscientist
Skills ArcGIS, Kingdom Suite, MS Excel, Petrel, Seismic Interpretation
Keywords: Geoscientist Geology Geophysics Oil & Gas Exploration Energy Graduate
Profile: I would like to enquire about any potential full time or contractual exploration geoscience opportunities available within London / Greater London. Having gained valuable experience with an AIM listed E&P company, I am currently looking ahead to new opportunities in the hope to acquire more knowledge and continue to develop my understanding and application of practices within the exploration, development and production sectors of the oil and gas industry. Whilst working, I have been fortunate to have gained a wealth of experience in oil and gas exploration from working up prospects, through to the drilling of exploration wells, and on to well completions. I have also had the opportunity to be involved in assessing mature field development opportunities within the companies Fraccion D licence. Most of my experience has been primarily related to the company’s onshore Argentinian asset base, however I have also been involved in various other business development screening projects across Latin America. Aside from this I have also been fortunate enough to gain an insight at both Operators and Service Companys working on projects associated with North Africa and the North Sea.

Candidate Id: 66121 Profession: Geoscientist
Current Status: Employed Preferred Status: Permanent or contract
Energy Industry Years: 2 Preferred Salary: 25-30K EUR
Availability: Immediate Preferred Title: Engineering Geologist
Skills ArcGIS, Landmark, MS Excel
Keywords: Geologist, Geotechnical Engineer, Risk analysis, Consultancy, Lead
Profile: Passionate geoscientist and determined professional with strong interpersonal skills and a pragmatic and intelligent approach to problem solving. Achieved postgraduate MSc degree and gained experience working in highly technical roles within the engineering and hydrocarbon industry. Technical excellence interpreting and integrating geological, geophysical and geotechnical data has translated into a track record of delivering the highest quality work that ensures continued success of the team.

Candidate Id: 66276 Profession: Geoscientist
Current Status: Student Preferred Status: Permanent or contract
Energy Industry Years: 0 Preferred Salary: 30-35K EUR
Availability: 6 Months Preferred Title:
Keywords: Student, Geoscience, Oil and Gas, Energy
Profile: Junior student about to be graduated this year and looking for a job in the petroleum domain or more widely energy sector. Having performed in team work throughout many projects led during my education (bachelor degree thesis, past internship and also Wytch Farm production project). Motivated, hard-worker and effervescent. Keen to get in-ojob experience. Also looking currently for a 3-month (longer period is possible) independent project to lead before my graduation from the end of May 2019.

Candidate Id: 30225 Profession: Geoscientist
Current Status: Employed Preferred Status: Permanent
Energy Industry Years: 6 Preferred Salary: 45-50K GBP
Availability: 1 Month Preferred Title: Geologist
Skills ArcGIS, ARC-INFO, ARCVIEW, English, Italian, Linux, MS Windows 7, Server 2008, OpenWorks, Recall, , , WellCad
Keywords: Geologist, borehole and wireline data, oil and gas,
Profile: Presently I am a member of the Research & Development group working as a Software QA analyst. I produce and deliver internal technical training for QA, Support and Technical Sales personnel, as well as performing both on site and remote software installations and patching Recall systems. When required I also assist with technical Service projects. I hold an MSc in Geology as well as an MSc in Chemistry. I have six years of experiences working within Multinationals companies in the upstream Oil&Gas industry, spanning from subsurface Wireline Logging (WL) data acquisition & processing and tools quality control, interpretation software. With on site commissioning and client facing worldwide experience. I am a conscientious person who works hard and pays attention to detail. I'm flexible, proactive, quick to pick up new skills and a resourceful problem solver, well organised, flexible, confident client facing, goal oriented and a team player. I am looking for new challenges and aim to find a job where I can keep improving my skills in the Oil&Gas industry.

Candidate Id: 37108 Profession: Geoscientist
Current Status: Employed Preferred Status: Permanent
Energy Industry Years: 9 Preferred Salary: 70-80K GBP
Availability: Preferred Title:
Keywords: geologist geophysicist petrophysicist field engineer
Profile: A highly motivated and thoroughly adaptable individual with 9 years of international experience in oil & gas industry both within technical and commercial positions. Comfortable working within an environment consisting of skilled tradesmen, project managers and various key individuals as well as a member of a technical team. Consistently exceeds typical expectations in all roles undertaken to date, ready to take up a next challenge.

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